Watercolor underpainting can add depth to your pastel paintings!

I’m still kinda a newbie to any type of painting! About 4 years ago I was encouraged to try painting after a friend saw my anime character drawings. I’ve always wondered if I’d be good at it and often times thinking of buying the supplies but never attempted. Until a friend saw my anime characters and she gave me a ton of supplies to get me started! She said “now there’s nothing stopping you but you!”

So there I was for over a month straight reading this book on watercolor painting with step by step demonstrations and trying them as I read! But if you ever tried watercolor painting it is very technical and has a huge learning curve. Unsatisfied with my progress I thought that soft pastels would be more forgiving a medium as it’s pretty much “drawing” which I was already half way decent at. So anyway I fell in love with this amazing medium and haven’t looked back! I was reading somewhere about underpainting​ techniques and decided to give it a try with watercolor. Many artists sometimes employ this cool technique usually when they are looking to add depth and dimension to a particular piece. If you are working on plain 140lb CP watercolor paper you are very limited as to the amount of layers of pastel you can lay down. I’d say maybe 2 or 3 if you have a light hand! Due to budget reasons for a while that’s all I had as a surface to do my pastel paintings on. So I got used to keeping my layers light and thin. That’s another reason doing watercolor underpainting can be a advantage it won’t take up any tooth on the paper! Here’s a few paintings I did using the watercolor underpainting…

I’ll post more when I can on this subject…

Just a few of my very first attempts at painting in any medium… these happen to be in watercolor.

All of these paintings weren’t originals. They were simply done for my practice and to learn. I do not intend to profit from these. They are from various sources of demo’s.


All of these paintings were done on 140 lb. C.P. Watercolor paper of various brands.

Ok so I have a bunch more but save them for another post.

One can’t say that I didn’t give it my all when starting out on painting. But I could not get any better or do a painting from the best of reference photos!

Constable's Granary another demo by John Barber in watercolor

This is my very first attempt at creating a blog period! So please bear with me as I try and sort out the user interface and settings associated with this site, thank you!

In this blog I’ll be posting some of the paintings I have and will do. That being said as I have only been painting for 4 or so years now 3 using soft pastels most of the paintings I will produce are that of demo’s from books,PDFs and magazines. I’m not trying to profit from these they are just for me to practice techniques and try to understand better what exactly goes into a great painting. Also it’s a great way to hone my limited skill set and to experiment.

I’m a self taught artist first tried painting 4 years ago in watercolor but soon realized that there is a huge learning curve and tried pastels and absolutely fell in love with the medium!

Here’s a few examples of what I’ve painted. One of my favorite artists are Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Maggie Price ECT.