A new way of working got me out of a creative “rut”!

My attempt at a demo by Marla Baggetta.jpgIve been painting for 5 years and practice OFTEN! And i just have so much fun when i paint! But as of late i couldn’t decide what to paint and i got aggravated.  But then i decided to try painting and approach the painting process differently than i usually would’ve.  So i took to YouTube videos and i like Marla Baggetta! I like how she uses minimal preliminary drawing and just responds to what the painting needs. She simplifies the landscape into 5 or 6 major shapes and sizes and values. And treats the elements in the landscape abstractly and then models form. Absolute genius i thought! She goes on to say if youre feeling a bit uncomfortable than youre probably doing it right. But i felt on the contrary and the painting is one of my bests if not the best ive done to me anyways.